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On 5 April, Boris Johnson declared that “The end really is in sight” as he confirmed that Step Two of the Road Map out of lockdown will happen as scheduled. We will be contacting you about your tours and trips in the usual way, based on date of departure, using the road map as the guide.

To recap:  There will be four steps with at least 5 weeks between each one. Step One  passed in March.

Step Two – 12th April

o Self-catering will open for individuals or household groups only.

o Non-essential retail will open.

o Pubs and restaurants will begin to open for outdoors service, without curfew, and no requirement for people to order a substantial meal.

o Zoos, theme parks, and drive-in cinemas will open

Step Three – no earlier than 17th May

o Pubs and restaurants will open for indoor service

o Hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs will open, rule of 6 applies

o Pubs and restaurants will open for indoor service, rule of 6 applies

o Cinemas and theatres will open

o Most restrictions outdoors will be lifted, subject to a limit of 30 people

o International travel will not resume before 17th May

Step Four – no earlier than 21st June

o All limits on social contacts will be lifted

o Large events and performances and weddings will be able to go ahead

o Nightclubs will open

In Addition, there will be Four Reviews

1. Looking at whether having a vaccine or a negative test result can reduce restrictions on social contact.

2. Piloting the impact of testing and reduced social distancing on events.

3. Looking at how to facilitate more inbound and outbound travel – to report back by 12th April.

4. Review social distancing measures, such as the one-metre-plus rule, rules on face coverings and working from home – to report back by 21st June.

As each step ends, the following tests will be reviewed to assess if the next step can occur

1. The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully.

Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated.
Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS.
Assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new variants of concern.
Here’s a link (Click) to the Roadmap document itself which has more details

A link to the Prime Minister’s Statement is Here

Our interpretation of the detail is:

Ø Nothing can travel before 17th May. If this step is reached, applicable social distancing measures and the rule of 6 remain in place, although up to 30 people can meet outdoors

Ø The detail we have applies only to England however, there appears to be a commitment to align the Devolved Administrations

Ø We are being advised that we will know more about continental travel on 12th April (at the earliest), but it seems unlikely anything will be allowed to travel until June. In addition, we do not yet know what constraints or rules other countries may apply to inbound tourism

Ø As long as none of the steps miss their deadlines, people can holiday by coach from 21st June, with no social distancing and every event, attraction, hotel should be able to fully open