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Latest News

We aim to update you on everything we think you should know about Belgium.

02/01/2018: Brussels Low Emission Zone
Brussels will implement a Low Emission Zone from the 1st January 2018, affecting diesel Euro2 vehicles only. The restrictions will be further tightened in 2019, meaning that more vehicles will become affected.
More information can be found on www.lez.brussels

01/02/2017: Antwerp Low Emission Zone
As of the 1st February 2017, Antwerp will implement a Low Emission Zone, meaning that access for some vehicles will be restricted. The restrictions are set to tighten in 2020, meaning that more types of vehicles will be affected.

The Flanders Tourism Office has asked us to send out this communiqué:

“Following the attacks in Paris and subsequent police investigations in Belgium, a number of countries ask their citizens to be extra vigilant when travelling to Europe and Belgium.

Apart from extra police presence in Brussels, all tourist events and activities in Belgium take place as normal: attractions and museums are open and all transportation services, both national and international, are running as normal. The airports and public buildings are open and all tourist events will go ahead as planned.

Wallonie-Bruxelles Tourisme, Visit Brussels and VISITFLANDERS monitor the situation closely. We have complete confidence in Belgian security services and are convinced that the authorities will do everything in their power to safeguard the security of all visitors.

Contact your local authorities for the latest updates on travel advice."

If you have any further questions, please contact info@visitflanders.com, info@wbtourisme.be, info@visit.brussels or jl.vandewiele@visit.brussels (for MICE operators).

29/07/15:  Coach restrictions entering Brugge
Police are tightening up on the coach restrictions in Brugge now. A voucher is required (issued by the hotel in advance) for entrance in to/out of Brugge only on the arrival / departure dates shown on the voucher, to allow for coaches to drop off and pick up passengers on arrival / departure with luggage only. If the driver doesn't have the voucher they will be fined if they are pulled up by the police.

If the driver is picking up/dropping off passengers and doesn't have any luggage they will also be fined.

The coach park in Brugge is on Bargeplein (Kanaaleiland) which is 10 mins walk from the Academie and 20 mins walk from the Portinari and Park Brugge.  If there are passengers that are unable to walk to/from the coach park they will need to arrange a taxi.

24/06/15: Brussels – New Pedestrian Zone
Coaches will have free access to the pedestrian zone from 4am till 11am to take the visitors at their hotels situated in this zone. However, outside these hours, the buses have to ask the hotel an access code.

As of 15 June, coaches are unable to park on the Rue du Cardinal Mercier to drop off visitors. However, a new parking spot is situated 100m away on Boulevard de Berlaimont. For more information, click the link below.

Do you have questions?
Contact the hotline of the City of Brussels:
E-mail : info@circulatieplan.be
T : 0800 - 85 585 ( from 9am till 12am & from 2pm till 4pm), from abroad: +32 2 279 30 40
All info on : plandecirculation.be

16/06/15 - Brussels announces that it is increasing pedestrianised areas in the city.
Click here to read more about the changes and the impact on traffic through the centre of the city.