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Zona Traffico Limitato (ZTL)
ZTL stands for “Zona a Traffico Limitato”, or Limited Traffic Area. This is an area in the centre of Italian cities and towns where traffic is restricted.
Drivers who enter a ZTL without proper authorisation will be fined. The fines for violating a ZTL boundary ranges depending on the city you're driving in. Please check before travelling.

01/04/2015: Coach access to Maiori
Local authorities have advised that any coach over 12m cannot access Maiori by the coast road from Vietri, nor by the inland road from Angri Sud (the coast road from Sorrento to Maiori still remains the most restricted road with a 10.36 metre limit). Local coach operators have reassured us that it is possible and not an issue to use the roads from Vietri and Angri Sud for longer vehicles. In speaking with some of our clients who have done these journeys , very experienced drivers can do it and have, however you may feel more comfortable allowing us to arrange safe coach parking elsewhere with local transfers in and out of Maiori.

We therefore have to leave you to make the decision as to whether you wish to attempt the drive or not and we cannot accept any liability should you choose to do so in the event of any issues arising. Please note that we understand that tri-axle vehicles are not suitable for the final approach into Maiori, so for these vehicles other arrangements will have to be made for parking and transfers.